I was tasked with branding The Moroccan Supper Club. The first asset: developing a logo. Then photo treatments for an event page, and finally a printed menu design for their upcoming feature on Bravo TV's digital series, Going off the Menu.
We start with the monotone version and work our way into color. Thinking about different elements like a box around the logotype. The typeface chosen emulates the Moroccan culture, while the sans serif choice keeps it modern.
Color is also important. Exploring warm and cool hues allows for different interpretations. Ultimately, going with the deep red without the box on the menu made the most sense. The warm, welcoming spirit of The Moroccan Supper Club was able to shine through.
The front of the menu highlighted Morocco in the photograph. An old world feel, with a modern twist. The menu items itself were reminiscent of the logo, utilizing the decorative typeface for headings.
The Eventbrite header image and photo treatments in general needed to be alluring, inviting and give the audience a sense of the atmosphere. Working with photographs from past events, I was able to add filters and give such a feel.
Check out the video above to see what The Moroccan Supper Club is all about! Follow them on Facebook to stay in the know!
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